Helm 3.0 breaks template variables


I was just having a look at Helm 3, and noticed that it breaks template variables.

If I have a variable with a query: nodeFilter(nodeLabel like ‘ellonllb%’)

it correctly returns the expected set of nodes

But if I put an “or” condition in there like: nodeFilter((nodeLabel like ‘ellbat%’) or (nodeLabel like ‘ellonlbat%’))

I get an error “Template variables could not be initialized: Internal Server Error”

This query used to work on Helm 2.0

Is there a change to how I need to specify this type of query?


I haven’t checked all my variables after upgrading. Will need to look when I am back in the office tomorrow.


In case it is relevant, I started out installing OpenNMS Helm 2 which automatically installed an older version of Grafana. I then upgraded Grafana to 5.4.3 directly from the grafana yum repositories. The template variables were working at that time. I have now upgraded OpenNMS Helm to V3 with a yum update opennms-helm.


I just tetsed on the latest Grafana and Helm V3, and I am seeing a similar error when using nested parenthesis in the query, but it works fine without them.


This appears to be a bug. I have created an issue to for this to be addressed.


Thanks. This is a showstopper for me. I cannot update to Helm 3 until this is fixed.

Is there a way to re-write my filter so that it doesn’t require nested parentheses?


It seems that Helm 3.0.1 is now available on the opennms Yum repo, despite the Release info on the opennms issues site showing 3.0.1 as unrelease. Anyway, I’ve updated to 3.0.1 on my test server, and also updated Grafana to 6.1.1, and I can report that HELM-131 resolution has resolved the issue I reported here. :grinning:


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