Groovy Use in OpenNMS / PRIS

Does Groovy comes embeded with OpenNMS ? if not could you please let me know how can i install it on RHEL 7 where my OpenNMS core is running.

Expected outcome: To run groovy scripts in OpenNMS.

OpenNMS version: 27.1.0

It’s embedded, there’s nothing else to install.

Appreciate quick response on this Dino , do i have to enable it or bydefault its enabled as well so that i can directly right my .groovy scripts ?

If some configuration needs to be done for this to work helpful if you can let me know .

You don’t need to do anything to use groovy scripts in OpenNMS, if you’re using Groovy scripts in a place where Groovy scripts are supported.

What are you trying to accomplish?

thanks dino , i was trying to figure out where and how i can use groovy scriping for PRIS tool used for imporitng of requestion in OpenNMS . Could you help me with that ?

Unfortunately I don’t know much about PRIS, but I know some of the other contributors here do and should be able to help.

You can use Groovy scripts in PRIS’ script source.
Here an example PRIS datasource for Foreman