Generate salt for user password

To create a user using the API or providing the definitions in users.xml requires to have the passwords salt.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a online generator or tool to create a passwords salt which works in ONMS. Always the login is failing.

So my question is: What’s the easiest way to create salty passwords for ONMS? :slight_smile:

Necroposting because this seems still not to work. I saw a github post that the salt would get configured by the api, which seems like it was added in late 2020. Using salt=true or salt=false as a password attribute, as shown in the XSD, doesn’t make any difference because none of the login attempts work with a cleartext password. (on v28.0.0, btw)

Answering my own question. From the latest docs for development rest users, it says:

You may add the query parameter hashPassword=true to tell OpenNMS you are passing an unencrypted password; it will hash and salt the password when it is saved.

Which works great.