Distributing openNMS daemons


Is it possible to split the openNMS daemon onto multiple servers so that the server hosting the webUI is not loaded and always responsive

I understand the below is possible

PostgreSQL DB can be hosted on dedicated server
NEWTS can be used to scale time series data read and write.
minions can be used to scale SNMP data collection/traps, but I believe the minion currently sends the SNMP data to the main openNMS server who then pipelines it to various function and NEWTS.

I believe the pollerd , collectd, eventd & snmptrapd would be the busy services.

would it be possible to host the pollerd, collectd, eventd on one servers and web and other function on another server?

Expected outcome:

possibility of Distributing opennms daemons

OpenNMS version:


That’s the long term goal of the Sentinel project, however it is still in the early stages, and only supports telemetryd at this time.

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