Discovery Not Running/Working

New OpenNMS 29.0.4 instance, attempting to have it run discovery on a /24 network.
I’ve created a provisioning request and associated the subnet to it in discovery.

I’ve restarted discovery and waited 24 hours and yet nothing is discovered and there are no logs in the discovery.log other than the initial startup logs.

I can “discover” a device by manually sending a newSuspect event, but not otherwise.

Any help would be appreciated.

Discovery uses an ICMP sweep. Can your OpenNMS ping?

Hint: Karaf shell, opennms:ping

admin@opennms()> opennms:ping

PING: / java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException

Thank you sir, this fixed my problem.

It’s odd however that I am having an issue since I am running RHEL 8.5 which is pretty up to date for RHEL.

Yeah, the transition to running as a non-privileged user by default happened very recently and we’ve uncovered a number of things we’re not handling well out of the box. We’ll get there, though.