Disable Auto cluster on Geo map



Is there a way to disable the auto cluster of the geo map were points of data will be grouped together. When you zoom out the points of nodes on the map group with others and now longer reference the area that they are placed.

I want to make it so each area has its own point seen without having to zoom in on them. I looked in the map.properties file but did not see a way to keep that from happening. Thanks


Yes, you can adjust the gwt.maxClusterRadius property in ${OPENNMS_HOME}/etc/opennms.properties:

# The radius, in pixels, that the maps will cluster nodes together at a particular zoom level.


When I open that file there is no files in there.


The file with all default settings is in ${OPENNMS_HOME}/etc/opennms.properties. The directory {OPENNMS_HOME}/etc/opennms.properties.d is for your own custom properties. Just create a .properties file here to make your own settings. For example you want to change it to 500:

echo "gwt.maxClusterRadius=500" > ${OPENNMS_HOME}/etc/opennms.properties.d/geo-map.properties

The changes are loaded on restart.