Devices Not Added Under Minion

Dear Team,

Recently we have added Minion but we are unable to add any device under minion.
We are trying to add one cisco router that are reachable from Minion and also Minion IP reachable from CISCO Router side.

I am selecting Minion Location during device discovery but nothing happened but same device successfully added under CORE.


Need more info.

What minion version? What version of the core? is the minion karaf shell command opennms:health-check successful? Can the minion opennms:ping any IP address?

Hi Dino,

Core and Minion both are on : 29.0.5 Version
Can the minion opennms:ping any IP address? Yes, Router IPs reachable from Minion and Minion also reachable from Router side.

admin@minion()> opennms:health-check
Verifying the health of the container

Echo RPC (passive) [ Success ]
Verifying installed bundles [ Success ]
Connecting to JMS Broker [ Success ]
Verifying Listener Flows (org.opennms.netmgt.telemetry.listeners.UdpListener) [ Success ]

=> Everything is awesome

Hi Dino,

One more point,i don’t see any option to move existing nodes from Core to Minion.
How can we do that?


In the node’s requisition, you can set the Minion Location of the node, then synchronize the requisition.

If these nodes are not part of a requisition, you can’t.