Develop GRPC version of Integration API

Current Integration API Plugins needs to be developed in Java as Karaf plugin. By exposing GRPC API for Integration API the dependency on Karaf/Java can be eliminated and exposing GRPC API may find lot of new ways of integrating with OpenNMS.


I genuinely like the idea, so I’ll be joining Chandra on this project.

Here is a sneak peek about what we’d like to accomplish:

That project currently has a mock gRPC server implemented in Go for the AlarmLifecycleListener interface from the OIA. There is a ReactJS application that receives alarms as soon as they are created and asynchronously updates a list.

The idea is to replace the mock server with a real implementation in OpenNMS by the end of the week.


Here is the link for GRPC server. It currently supports sending/receiving events and receiving alarms.
Going ahead, planning to move proto files to Integration API project.