Detecting new nodes using Enhanced Linkd

My network is quite large and it’s very difficult to define all the LAN subnets for Auto Discovery. For example, If I define discovery for, the discovery process will take many days, even if I increase packets-per-second in discovery-configuration.xml from 1 to 20.

Expected outcome:
It would be great if the neighbor information (IP address) received from enlinkd (via LLDP,CDP,OSPF etc) automatically added as a “New Suspect” event. In this case, we can even add only one “seed” node for non air-gapped networks, and the rest of the network devices will be discovered automatically.
PS. I have been using the NeDi project for a long time and it has such functionality out of the box

OpenNMS version:

If the NeDi projecy offers a REST api that exposes node information, use that as your source of truth to populate the inventory in OpenNMS, then, using PRIS or something similar.

Otherwise, you’ll have to make an enhancement request at and cross your fingers, because that is functionality we don’t currently offer and don’t have on our roadmap that I am aware of.