Deleting opennms/horizon-core-web on DockerHub

DockerHub Repository: opennms/horizon

With Horizon 25.0.0 we build and publish our OCI images with CircleCI automatically. The images get pushed to DockerHub into opennms/horizon. We have moved the old manual build images from 18.0.3 - 24.1.3 from the opennms/horizon-core-web to the opennms/horizon repository as well. Please migrate your docker-compose files or K8s deployments to use the opennms/horizon repository instead. The opennms/minion and opennms/sentinel repositories stay untouched. If you have any objections, please feel free to comment here or DM @indigo here or in chat. I’ve scheduled the deletion for 25th February.

We will also delete the corresponding manual GitHub repositories:

You will find the new Dockerfiles with the build instructions now in our OpenNMS source repository.

So long and thanks for all the fish

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