Database passwords in cleartext in opennms-datasources.xml

It seems like opennms-datasources.xml only accept cleartext password.

As the installation guide speficies:

<jdbc-data-source name="opennms"
                    user-name="** YOUR-OPENNMS-USERNAME **"
                    password="** YOUR-OPENNMS-PASSWORD **" />

<jdbc-data-source name="opennms-admin"
                    password="** YOUR-POSTGRES-PASSWORD **" />

I’ve not been able to find any information about using encrypted password.
Can we use encrypted password in this file? Which format?

It looks like a security issue to me.

Thank you

As it is right now, there is unfortunately no way to set an encrypted password in that file. We have introduced with Minion an encrypted security credentials vault (scv). From my point of view this is nothing we can fix with simple configuration and needs an enhancement in the software which needs to be tracked for future releases. This type of enhancements in the software is tracked in our issue tracker. Sorry for having no better answer here as a solution to solve this problem.

Thank you very much for the confirmation.

I’ll watch the future releases carefully.