Custom OID monitoring and its Data Display over console

Hi Team,
Kindly help us to monitor and visualize custom OID data into OpenNMS. we are able to get data for custom OID into SNMPwalk and want to configure it monitoring. Once monitoring is configured we want to check the data outcome over ONMS console as well. kindly advise.

Hi All, Kindly update if there is any provision for the same.

What you’re asking for is a step by step on how to create a custom data collection by hand. I doubt anyone is going to provide that for you.

Use an existing data collection as a template and modify it.

The provided datacollection/colubris.xml is a decent template to start from; it collects two OIDs in a single group with a sysoidMask. Change the mask to match the sysObjectId of you device, change the name (this attribute is referenced in datacollection-config.xml), change the group name and includeGroup (these two must match), change the OID(s) to your custom OID. alias should be under 19 characters and should be globally unique. Supported types are counter, gauge, and string.

Try it. if you can’t make it work, show your work and ask specific questions.

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Thanks Dino, we have edited our cisco.xml under datacollection directory and update its content to capture custom OID data for Fan & temperature. the content that we have update as below.

and under systemDef we have included the Fan/Temp group as well.

Moreover we have checked that our cisco file is included into datacollection-config.xml as well.
However no data collection happened for mentioned OID’s. Kindly suggest on this further.

Hi Dino, we have tried creating a new seperate datacollection file as well with different name for cisco power data collection however it makes our OpenNMS down.

  1. . → is sysoidMask should be unique like there should be only one file to collect on vendor data?
  2. our SNMPwalk is giving us below result and we want to display same over console.

Kindly suggest.

we have figured out the custom OID monitoring and able to collect its value in RRD/snmp file for specified datasource.
how can we interpret/display this OID collected data into tabular format on device page/report or anywhere else ?