Connectivity issue to Minion from Horizon

Horizon and Minion connection is not working. installed minion and i can see health-checks are successful. but i cannot see it reporting in Manage Minions, follow this link

opennms:stress-rpc -c 5 -l minion-location
output is failure

Horizon is setup in AWS and minion is in On premises Health checks are success, but above command showing failures so, guessing Horizon and minion are not connecting.
Note: i m new to Opennms , learning

Expected outcome:
my expectation is reporting minion in Horizon

Other relevant data:
will update logs

Your Minion needs to be able to connect to the public IP of your OpenNMS in AWS, as well as to whichever broker you’re using (ActiveMQ / Kafka / etc ). Verify that connectivity exists first, e.g. from the Minion host, try to connect to the core on it’s http or https port, then try the same for the broker ip and port (if it’s embedded activemq, it’s the core ip and port 61616). If it’s an external broker (kafka, or activemq) , the core needs to be able to connect to the broker as well. nc (netcat) is a handy tool for checking if a port is open and/or listening.