Concept: Alarms - Events


OpenNMS has gained some conceptional depth around Events, Alarms and Notifications. This session is used to describe the current concepts and describe what they should look like to sustain further features. The Alarm handling and workflow are key functionality for building monitoring and alerting workflows in OpenNMS. With implementations for Business Services and showing status in the Web UI, e.g. Topology UI we built workarounds to mitigate the conceptional weakness of this concepts.

What are the key problems which need to be addressed:

  • Overloading the field for severities with a state in Events and Alarms
  • No clear attributes for workflows acknowledging and clearing alarms
  • Alarms can’t be used for notifications
  • Unclear Indeterminate state and missing informational severity
  • Alarms need templates for specific technologies they are displayed, e.g. Messenger, screens, Emails or chats. The formatting and representation of Alarms and attributes are defined with inline HTML in the XML Event definition.

Get common understanding what should be the architecture for Events, Alarms and Notifications to build a common ground for future refactoring.


  • Ronny Trommer