Cisco Nexus change config trap not recognized

For only this type of Cisco switch my config change traps show up like this:

Received unformatted enterprise event (enterprise:. generic:6 specific:2). 2 args: .“2169269118” .“4”

I figured out that . is the cicsoConfigManMIB, so I loaded that, along with all it’s dependencies using the graphical MIB compiler. However the trap is still showing up as shown above.

I figured it out. I needed to generate event definitions from the MIB in the GUI.

I guess OpenNMS must have some of the Cisco stuff built in. After adding the Cisco MIB, some event translations broke. To fix this, I added the following to /etc/opennms/translator-configuration.xml:

The xml I pasted into my previous reply doesn’t appear, so I’ve attached a screenshot