Changing time interval from 5 minutes to 30 second of SNMP graph in opennms27.1.1


  I recently installed opennms 27.1.1. Time interval in opennms graph is 5 minutes. I want to reduce to 30 second. I googled and found some related result. And made changes in datacollection-config.xml like below
Changed rrd step 300 to 30. After that remove all rrd/jrb files for new collection. and restart opennms to make changes. I checked again but didn't change time interval as well as stop getting data in graph.

Any suggestions what am I doing wrong. It will be very helpful. Thanks in advance

You need to update the RRA configuration for a 30 second collection interval as well.

There’s an example 30 second RRA definition at Administrators Guide

Thanks for replying!

After updating RRA configuration, now data is getting for a 30 second interval in opennms graph.

Thank you

@raviknt285 We’ve also linked two RRD calculators in case you want to modify your configuration more.