Changing the way how we document version compatibility

When you want to build a monitoring platform using OpenNMS Horizon or Meridian we use external software which needs to be separately installed, e.g. Java, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Kafka etc. Originally we have maintained a Wiki compatibility table, but this was not well maintained and got outdated.

We have changed the behavior we document it with Horizon 25.1.0 and Meridian 2019. Instead of maintaining an external document we pulled this into our version-controlled documentation. This will ensure we have additional quality gates through PR’s and the history is essentially built automatically with every new release. We hope it makes it now easier for you to figure out which software versions you can use when you want to build an OpenNMS stack.

You will find the new compatibility table at the top of our versioned Horizon and Meridian install guide.

:biohazard: The Wiki table is now deprecated. I’ve added a hint on the page and we just keep it there for history and google-fu.