Change Logo and Color Scheme


Hello… I had a previous version of openNMS running but I had to build a new system due to some issues. I’ve installed 23.0.1 but I can’t seem to find the same files that I previously did to update the logo and color schemes. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Changing the Logo and header of OpenNMS

Hi, Did you manage to find the custom settings?



What was the version you were using when you had it working?

Current version of OpenNMS uses JettyWeb for the frontend, so I would hazard a guess that what you are looking for is in <OPENNMS_HOME>/jetty-webapps/opennms



I created a topic which explains how to change the logo.
This can also work as a basis for more customizations:

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@pbassking “Why would you change the logo?”



One reason I’ve considered doing this is differentiating test and production OpenNMS instances.

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Yes I agree, but this is more an operational use case which is not so intrusive. I solved this in previous environments by adding an environment string as a property and display it just as text in the footer/header, e.g. like this|stage. I think this can be solved in a different way.

I’ve noticed two motivations behind adding their own company logo. Extrinsic nature, they have customer facing opennms and want to present streamlined corporate identifiable services where OpenNMS is part of it. The other one is more intrinsic nature where you want to give your employees services which they feel happy to identify with the corporate they work in and of course with all nuances in between.