CentOS 8 EOL 31st December 2021

Hello, CentOS 8 users!

CentOS besides RHEL is our most recommended OS for production deployments. We want to let you know the community edition of CentOS 8 is going end of life (EOL) on 31st December 2021. We would like to encourage you to follow a supported CentOS release to ensure production stability and security. If you run on CentOS 8 you need to migrate to CentOS Stream 8.

  • CentOS 7 EOL is 2024-06-30
  • CentOS 8 EOL is 2021-12-31
  • CentOS Stream 8 EOL is set to 2024-05-31.

Since October CentOS started to seed mirrors with CentOS Stream 9. We got an early adopter in our community who reported an issue on CentOS Stream 9. We were able to isolate the problem and found a workaround documented in OpenNMS Horizon install failed with CentOS Stream 9.

We have noticed a few people in our community tried running on CentOS forked distros such as Rocky Linux or Alma Linux. As far we have seen, the CentOS 8 install instructions worked pretty seamlessly. If you run in mission-critical environments and you want things more battle-tested, we recommend sticking for now with RHEL/CentOS to leverage from existing experience. Nevertheless, we are happy to see encouraged people providing alternatives and we are happy to figure things out to make things work.

We wish you happy upgrading
gl & hf

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