Centos 7.9 yum update. OpenNMS not configured

Updated kernel / OpenNMS packages (yum updates) on the Centos box and OpenNMS broke.
/opt/opennms/etc/configured is missing.

service opennms -v start
Starting OpenNMS: /etc/init.d/opennms: OpenNMS not configured.
/opt/opennms/etc/configured does not exist.

You need to run the installer to set up the database. In most
cases, it is enough to run:

/opt/opennms/bin/install -dis

During the update I was prompted with the set permissions notification.
/opt/opennms/bin/fix-permissions -f
to reset permissions to running OpenNMS services as root user for access to lower ports.

I have run the fix permissions script.

Run the installer.

Ran the installer. Got an error about leftover .rpmsave.
Removed tthe save.

Then opennms started up.
Thank you, kindly.