Cannot generate a network topology


No Bridge Forwarding Table Links found on gateway by Enhanced Linkd.
OpenNMS can discover nodes, but cannot generate a network topology.
The network topology has only one node.
Can you help me? Give me a little guidance?

Expected outcome:

The network topology should be successfully generated

OpenNMS version:

OpenNMS Horizon 29.0.4

Other relevant data:

As far as I am aware, the nodes must support one of CDP, ISIS, LLDP, or BRIDGE-MIB in order for enlinkd to generate a topology.

The subnet I need to probe is made up of Windows10 machines. As far as I know, Windows10 supports LLDP by default.Therefore, it should support LLDP protocol.Do we need any other preconditions besides LLDP?

View Node Link Detailed Info,Display content.

A node has to expose it’s LLDP topology via SNMP.

Do you mean that the nodes under this subnet not only need to support LLDP, but they all need to support SNMP?In other words, in this subnet, routers must support LLDP and SNMP, and nodes that need to generate topology diagrams must also support LLDP and SNMP. Am I right?

Not just support for SNMP, but support for LLDP-MIB in the SNMP agent. Common in network devices, not common in endpoint nodes like Windows boxes. (Or Linux boxes, for that matter)

Thank you very much for your reply.