Can a Horizon implementation be migrated to Meridian

Hi There,

I’m getting delayed with Meridian Subscription/ Licenses.
I was thinking of using the latest Meridian equivalent of Horizon and completing my tasks.

Can the Horizon implementation be upgraded / Migrated to become Meridian once I have the Subscription /Licenses activated?
Please Advise.

Thanks in advance.

:wave: Hi, @bharath welcome to our OpenNMS community. You can migrate between Horizon / Meridian they both come from the same code base just with different release cycles.

:necktie: … switching to a guy who is a full-time contributor at the OpenNMS group :slight_smile:
Meridian is optimized to reduce the total cost of ownership including support for production environments using a stabilized feature set and longer support terms. You can easily start your proof of concept or proof of work with Horizon and you have the freedom of choice to switch between the two taking the different feature sets into account.