Business Service Monitor - Some handy upgrades

The Business Service Monitor was introduced with Horizon 18.

The project started in 2015 as a sponsored development. The target was to replace an end-of-life HP product called Service Navigator. The funny part: They never fielded the feature, but we are grateful for their sponsorship.

So what’s new since then?

Besides some important bug fixes like

we got also 3 interesting features that make the BSM more attractive.

IFTTT support

Everything started with onmsblink. No doubt: A really really nerdy idea and of course very handy to have.

But it evolved to so much more. We introduced the IFTTT integration in 2017. Using that, it is possible to use smart IFTTT compatible devices (mostly: signal lights) to present the highest severity of the current alarms.

It’s cool, but not always the best approach. Often you have a lot of alarms active which are not relevant enough to be visual presented in an office.
And that’s why BSM came into play!

BSM alarms usually present a top level alarm of your infrastructure. Would it make sense to use this as a trigger instead of low level alarms? - Indeed!

In Horizon 24 the feature got an upgrade to use reductionKeys to trigger IFTTT.

Using that, you now can decide very fast when you come into the office in the morning to grab a coffee first, or fix really important issues!

More verbose BSM descriptions

If you have ever used BSMs in you environment, you might know this:

There are currently one or more problems affecting the business service ‘top_bsm’: args(2): businessServiceId=“12345” businessServiceName=“top_bsm”

Depending on the size of your BSM… no. Ok, ok, in all cases the information provided was not helpful at all.

So we’ve enriched the event description with some more useful information based on the root cause analysis function:

There are currently one or more problems affecting business service ‘top_bsm’. Root cause: IP service ‘server//’, reduction key ‘’. args(3): businessServiceId=“12345” businessServiceName=“top_bsm” rootCause=“IP service ‘server//’, reduction key ‘’”

This improvement was added in Horizon 25.1.0.

BSM state assurance

BSMs are based on nodes services, other BSMs, reductionKeys or applications also called edges.

These edges are required to guarantee the functionality of a BSM.
Once configured you had to make sure the edges are always existent to avoid breaking the BSM.

Especially in larger environments and also if you have auto provisioning of nodes this can be very tedious.

Well, also in Horizon 25.1.0 we’ve added a new alarm event that will raise if a BSM becomes invalidated.

Business service ‘top_bsm’ with ID ‘12345’ is affected by the deletion of service ‘3/’.

All in all, the mentioned issues are not reinventing the wheel, but will defintely make admins life more comfortable. We hope it improves your daily work.

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