Build Docker container images with RPMS from Bamboo


All work in progress branches are built in our Bamboo CI/CD environment. As soon a specific build for a branch finished successfully the “RPM Snapshot” job, Bamboo has the RPM artifacts built and persisted.

The following procedure shows you how to create a Docker image using these artifacts from Bamboo directly.


  • git
  • Docker
  • Docker ID to load base images from DockerHub

Step 1: Check out the repository to build a Docker image

git clone
cd docker-horizon-core-web/
git checkout -b refactor/images origin/refactor/image

Step 2: Fetch the RPMS from Bamboo from a build URL


Step 3: Build the container image from the local RPMS


The image is created with the tag horizon-core-web:latest and also persisted in the file system in images/horizon-core-web.oci