BGP and OpenBMP Monitoring with OpenNMS


Hello all,

I represent a team of University students working on a project to monitor BGP with OpenNMS. We’ve been set a task to simulate an Internet Exchange and use OpenNMS to monitor it in a easily repeatable way by someone who wants to evaluate OpenNMS for this task.

We’ve created a proof of concept that uses a containerised environment of OpenNMS Horizon, FRRouting routers and Locust for traffic simulation/load testing. We’ve also used Vagrant, Ansible and Docker Compose to create the virtual environment and provision the environment.

We would like to get feedback and comments on our work and would like to invite the community to get involved with our project. It can be found on Github in the following location. Note that it is currently under development.

Kind Regards, COM617 Team 12!

Nice work! When you upgrade the PostgreSQL 12 database to Timescale DB and initialize the database in OpenNMS with ./install -dist instead of ./install -dis you get the additional possibility to fetch BGP metrics via BMP as well. The OpenBMP reference dashboards in Grafana could be adopted from here: GitHub - opennms-forge/obmp-grafana: OpenBMP Grafana Integration.