Availabilty query for Grafana


Is there someone who know’s how OpenNMS does the availability query?
How it looks like.

Screenshot from 2022-01-26 15-36-42

opennms 28.1.1



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Great! Thanx

I have a few Surveillance Categories that i want to measure the availability in Grafana.
Can i get it through opennms to grafana with the API?

It works fine with the example: curl -u demo:demo http://demo.opennms.org/opennms/rest/availability/categories/Web+Servers

But Web+Servers isn’t present in the surveillance category. It’s defined in categories.xml.
I guess i need to make a group for those categoires in that file.

I have four surveillance categories. I want all of them to show up as %availability in Grafana.

1. router 1
2. router 2
1. switch 1
2. switch 2
1. server 1
2. server 2
1. accesspoint 1
2. accesspoint 2

Something like this: