authenticationFailure from snmp traps

We are not recieving snmp traps/events from certain nodes and when I do tcpdump I can see ā€œauthenticationFailureā€ traps from the nodes in question, similar to below:
16:19:45.063780 IP x.x.x.x.58793 > opennms-server.snmptrap: Trap(33) E:311. x.x.x.x authenticationFailure 3981126

Expected outcome:
Expect to see traps coming into OpenNMS.

OpenNMS version:

I am pretty sure it is a problem at the other end but I thought Iā€™d ask to see if anybody had experienced this before. The node in question is a Windows server. When I do snmpwalk on the node it works fine, but traps from the node does not arrive in OpenNMS.

Just to confirm, are these SNMPv3 traps being sent with security? I know in the past when I used v2 traps from Windows, this message would be generated and there is a setting within the SNMP service in services.msc that can be disabled to not send an auth trap if you arenā€™t using them.

Thanks for your help, Iā€™ve asked the admins of the servers to disable authentication. I will get back to you with the outcome.