Are you a Velocloud user? Got a few minutes?

Hello friends! :wave: I haven’t been hanging out here much lately, but some of you know me from this forum and its predecessors such as the opennms-discuss mailing list (RIP). These days my role is product manager for the OpenNMS Horizon and Meridian ecosystem, which means I’m on the hook to make sure the software we make solves real problems for real users like you.

I’m posting here because the engineering team is currently busy building an OpenNMS integration for Velocloud, aka VMware SD-WAN, and we want all the input we can get from potential users.

A paying customer is sponsoring this effort, but as with all sponsored development we do at OpenNMS, the result will be an open-source component available for everybody to use. We want the thing we build to help the entire population of Velocloud users, not just the ones who work for the sponsoring customer. If you use Velocloud, or know a current or potential OpenNMS user who does, I would love to chat about your use cases. Please reply on this topic, or DM me @jeffg on Mattermost, if you are interested. You can also tag me in a Jira comment on the top-level initiative issue for this product effort, if you prefer.

I’m forward to hearing from you :slight_smile: