Alarm not cleared after Path Outage Node came back UP

Current setup.

Node-B (Critical Path: Node-A)
Node-C (Critical Path: Node B)
Node-D (Critical Path: Node B)
Node-E (Critical Path: Node B)

When outage happen on Node-A, I’m receiving a notification that Node-A is down. That’s perfect.
OpenNMS generate alarms for all other Nodes (Node-B, Node-C, Node-D, Node-E …)

The problem, when Node-A is back UP, the Outage on Node-A is cleared, but all alarms for Node-B/C/D/E are not cleared. I need to Acknowledge them manually and Clear them manually also.

Expected outcome:
When the Node-A is back UP, all node under Node-A (B/C/D/E) should get their alarm cleared automatically.

Is there anything I did wrong in the configuration because when it’s not an outage, alarm are cleared automatically for all other alarm.

Example: An alarm for Service Down or SNMP Threshold are automatically clear when OpenNMS detect it is back to normal.

OpenNMS version:


Here is what I found in the alarms tables.
alarmid | eventuei | nodeid | ipaddr | serviceid | reductionkey | alarmtype | counter | severity | lasteventid | firsteventtime | lasteventtime
5387 | | 363 | | | | 3 | 1 | 6 | 148175 | 2021-02-11 04:28:20.497-05 | 2021-02-11 04:28:20.497-05

Remember the Node-A, Node-B, Node-C and Node-D and Node-E on the first post.
That node is in fact Node-B.
The Alarms for Node-A is no longer in the alarms table, but Node-B is still there even if the alarm for Node-A got deleted. Node-A do not have any outage now, so OpenNMS did the job deleting the alarms, but OpenNMS did not delete all other alarms under Node-A.

I really don’t know if it’s a bug or a configuration problem.


Nobody has an idea why alarms on children are not cleared when the outage is resolved?