Admin/admin credentials not working


I have a fresh install of Horizon 24 on ubuntu 18.04. After running the installation, I am unable to logon to the web interface using admin/admin.

I am able to connect to the database using this command:

psql opennms -h localhost -d opennms


psql postgres -h localhost -d opennms

and I have verified that these same creds exist in:



If that is reproducible it’s a nasty bug and you should open a bug report on

To “solve” your current issue you can replace this part into users.xml to set admin:admin:

         <password salt="true">L/NLgFOJ/Oq31aDV3vQfqVo/tRh807OvsoN2I4oedx0hoioiuaQ8HJHu60fkK878</password>

Don’t forget to restart OpenNMS after the change.


That didn’t fix it. I’ll send this to the issues e-mail as you suggested.


Turns out all I needed to do was clear my browser.

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