Ad hoc events from SNMP traps

I am sending SNMP traps to opennms, they are not defined on the MIB file.
How can I configure the events/ file properly?
Also I don’t have a UEI for these specific events.

Expected outcome:
I am trying to configure OpenNMS events in order to generate ad hoc alarms.

OpenNMS version:

Other relevant data:
Event “custom” file:



    <event-label>Mida Application Server Status</event-label>
        <p>This event shows the status of the Mida Application Server Status. </p>
    <logmsg dest="logndisplay"><p>Mida Event: %parm[#1]%.</p></logmsg>
    <alarm-data reduction-key="%uei%:%dpname%:%nodeid%" alarm-type="1" auto-clean="true"/>